CIRAN forum

Bridging expertise for sustainability

The search for green solutions in mining

A lasting learning community

In order to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, CIRAN is establishing a community of practice, bringing together dedicated experts over time. This Forum connects mining and environmental permitting authorities, regional and local governments, managers of protected areas, geological surveys, industry associations and civil society representatives engaged in sustainable management of natural resources. With a focus on peer learning, capacity-building, and the dissemination of best practices, the Forum will remain active beyond the EU funding period

To create interdisciplinary dialogue, we build on the experience and insights of committed experts through time.

For this reason, the CIRAN Forum brings together leaders of protected areas, regional and local authorities, and industries and geological surveys engaged in capacity-building.

The resulting community is a key vehicle to improve the overall management of natural resources with a sustainable approach.


The Forum focus on peer learning, capacity-building and the dissemination of good practices, and it will remain active after the funding period.

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