INTRAW Presents CIRAN at the Second RawMat International Conference in Athens

This past August 29th, CIRAN was presented at the 2023 RawMat International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy in Athens. CIRAN’s coordinator INTRAW introduced the project to a wide range of international stakeholders, among which academics, engineers, senior scientists, and policy makers.

This year’s conference, which was organized by the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical of Athens in collaboration with the Technical Chamber of Greece, was titled “Raw Materials: setting the foundations for the Green Transition”. The conference aimed for a comprehensive, cross-discipline exchange of knowledge on a wide range of raw materials related topics, among which strategies on raw materials supply, exploration, mining, and mineral processing. with emphasis on their relevance in the context of the Green Transition.

INTRAW president Eberhard Falck and its secretary general Vítor Correia, being the coordinators, introduced the CIRAN project and its goals. Indeed, they highlighted how CIRAN aims to create new policy framework for the sustainable extraction of essential raw materials in environmentally protected areas. This goal, Mr Correia explained, goes hand in hand with INTRAW’s own goals of acting as an impartial mediator to support the international cooperation and exchange of best practices for the extraction of raw materials.